6 couples buying and selling sex at Karaoke room

Information from the authorities, on the morning of July 8, 2021, the Police of Quang Binh province in Vietnam informed that the Police Team to investigate crimes on social order under the Bo Trach district police coordinated with the Public Security Thanh Trach commune, discovered and caught a group of

Man arrested for threatening police with knife

Information from the police agency of Ky Anh town, Ha Tinh, Vietnam, said that this unit has issued a decision to prosecute and order the arrest of the accused for temporary detention against Nguyen Quoc Nhat for the crime of “resisting the executor”. public service” on 7/7/2021. At 9:15 am

Using a shotgun to rob in Ho Chi Minh City

According to information from the police department of District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, this agency has issued a decision to arrest 21-year-old Ly Ngoc Trieu Phuong, who lives in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City to investigate the act of robbery. produce. According to police investigation, Phuong

Young man who caused many robberies on Phu Quy

Information from the authorities said that on the afternoon of June 20, 2021, the police agency of Phu Quy district, Binh Thuan province, Vietnam issued a decision to temporarily hold a person named Ta Van Khue born in 1984, residing in Tam Thanh commune. , Phu Quy district, Vietnam to

Police attacked at Covid 19 checkpoint

According to information from the authorities in Kon Tum, Vietnam – The incident happened on the afternoon of June 15, 2021, a young man named Hau, from Tay Ninh province, Vietnam rode a motorbike on Ho Chi Minh Street, heading towards from Phuoc Son district (Quang Nam) to Dak Glei

The woman who reported fake news was robbed in Kien Giang

Information from the investigative police agency – Tan Chau town police, An Giang province said that this agency is consolidating the file to make a decision to handle administrative violations against Ms. Ly Thi H in Long Phu ward. , Tan Chau town, An Giang province on the act of

Police arrest a group of drug traffickers in Nghe An

Two people named Cuong and a teenager residing in Huong Khe district were detained by the Ha Tinh police in Vietnam to take statements and investigate acts related to drug trafficking and transportation According to the previous plan, at about 19:00 on May 21, 2021, at Highway 48, section passing

Arresting a group of 4 robbers in HCM city

Information from the police in District 8 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, said that the unit prosecuted the case, prosecuted the accused, detained Ly Nhan Phuc Minh Duc, Nguyen Phu Sang, living in District 8, HCMC; Nguyen Khac Duy, Nguyen Van Minh Tan, living together in Binh Chanh district

Allowing 3 people to stay illegally to collect money

Information from the authorities in Binh Duong said that on May 15, 2021, the Investigation Security Agency of Binh Duong Province Police prosecuted a young man named Tran Danh Tuong, 24 years old, from Binh Thuan, Vietnam. Nam, to investigate the act of “Organizing others to stay in Vietnam illegally”.

Trung Land’s director in Binh Thuan was arrested

Information from the police agency of Binh Thuan province said that this agency went to the headquarters of Trung Land company in Phu Tai ward, Phan Thiet city, Vietnam and executed the arrest warrant of Trung, where the police collected keep relevant documents. Investigating the case, at the beginning of

Young men make up stories of being kidnapped

According to information from the authorities, on May 3, 2021, the police office of Nghia Chanh ward, Quang Ngai informed that the unit has completed the investigation and verified the report of fake news about robbery. kidnapping, cross-border trafficking. Vo Van Tai went to Nghia Chanh ward police to report

Arrest a man who robs a taxi in HCMC

Information from the authorities, the police arrested a man named Ly Chan Cuong, 41 years old, who used to attack the driver, robbed a taxi in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City and then ran more than 100 km. The man then crashed into a people’s home before being arrested

Getting transaction of 1.3 kg of drugs in Hue

The director of the Thua Thien Hue Provincial Police Department directed the police department to investigate drug-related crimes, the provincial police coordinated with the police of Phong Dien district, Thua Thien Hue to destroy the case, arresting two subjects who were storing the quantity. Major drugs in the area. Two

Getting gangs carried out robbery in many provinces

Information from Ho Chi Minh City authorities – on April 14, 2021, a person named Cuong and 15 suspects aged between 15 and 22 years old, were cooperated with other provinces by the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department of Criminal Police. An Giang and Tay Ninh province arrested the

Verify 2 girls fighting in Hue City Vietnam

On the evening of April 12, 2021, on social networks spreading a video of two young girls fighting on the street, it was said that it took place in Hue city. In the recorded video, these two girls speak Hue, fighting very fiercely … Detective in Hue – There are