High fructose corn sweetener products: The anti-dumping investigation in Vietnam

On May 21st, 2020, Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam (TRAV) acknowledged the Dossier on request of investigation to impose the anti-dumping measures to some High Fructose Corn Sweetener products (HFCS) originated from People’s Republic of China and Republic of Korea from the companies representing the domestic industry. On the basis

Different types of due diligence

The term due diligence broadly refers to all the research done to ensure a deal is legitimate, but there can be many different types of due diligence for different kinds of businesses. LegalOne of the most important and most common types of due diligence, legal due diligence examines and reviews a wide

How to hire a competent, trustworthy, professional private investigator

What is a prudent way to hire a competent, trustworthy, and professional private investigator? The most important criterion should be actual and verifiable experience of the investigator. What skills should this person have to best meet your needs? The actual skill of the investigator is important, and the employer should

4 steps for investigators accomplishing to facilitate the investigation

There are some main steps for inquiring  investigator may take to facilitate the investigation, which are:  First step:Consider the international investigator as an integral part of your investigative team by taking the investigator into your complete confidence and providing all pertinent details surrounding your client’s request. This could require that the requesting investigator to obtain the client’s consent and having

Legal Due Diligence: Top 5 priorities

The term “legal due diligence” is understood as the evaluation, inspection, and review of the areas of the business to determine the current legal status of the business around issues of labour, operation, compliance with the law, and finance. The terminology of “legal due diligence” has been appeared for a

Should we read the red book before making a mortgage?

Investigation service in Vietnam – Member A asks: I am looking to buy a house and have a satisfactory home, I want to see the red book, but the landlord disagrees. The landlord shows the photocoppy, the landlord commits a separate red book and is completely legal in Vietnam, only

Prohibited businesses from 2021 in Vietnam

With the new adjustments, the investigation service company in Vietnam introduces industries that will be banned from business from 2021 – Pursuant to Article 6 of the Law on Investment in 2020, from 1/1/2021, accordingly, the following 8 cases are prohibited from business investment in Vietnam. Trading in drug substances

What jobs does due diligence include?

The investor/ partner may request an enterprise to conduct due diligence in several ways, most commonly in the form of financial due diligence, iommercial due diligence. ), Legal due diligence. In addition, a number of other aspects can also be reviewed into specific aspects such as: Tax due diligence, IT

Due diligence & the issues surrounding due diligence

Due Diligence is the process by which investors /partners /competitors conduct due diligence and special investigations on enterprises. Through this special review and inspection process, the investor/ partner /competitor will know all the necessary information about the business that they intend to invest or do business with. And based on