Breaking an ATM because of anger

Ngo Duc Dung, 44 years old, residing in Nghen town, was prosecuted and arrested by the police of Can Loc district, Ha Tinh province, Vietnam on the charge of intentionally damaging property.

The investigation agency said: on February 19, after drinking, Dung walked home.

Dung broke the iron stake that the government used to plant a flag on the side of the road, then broke the screen of an ATM machine.

Dung was arrested by the police after receiving a notice from the Bank. Damage caused by Dung is about 100 million VND.

At the investigation agency, Dung confessed that he lived alone, his wife went abroad, so she was upset and often drank alcohol.

He broke the ATM because he was annoyed.

The case was clarified by investigating authorities, investigation service in Vietnam