Investigate the creator of ‘virtual land prices’

Information from Vinh Phuc Provincial People’s Committee, Vietnam – This agency has asked the provincial police to handle cases of price raising, manipulation, “destabilizing the real estate market”.

Private investigation company in Vietnam – Recently, there are signs of speculation in land purchase and sale, causing a virtual fever in land prices in this province.

The project investor organizes capital mobilization or transfers land in contravention of regulations; advertising, selling when not enough processes and procedures…

Vinh Phuc requested the police to investigate and handle violations of the law in real estate transactions and business; handling cases of manipulation, causing market instability.

Police need to monitor areas with signs of land “sudden increase in price, virtual fever”; handling speculative behavior, blowing prices, making the market create “virtual fever” to make a profit.

The Department of Justice needs to direct notary offices to “only perform notarization” with real estate projects that are eligible for business in accordance with the law in Vietnam.

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