2 couples buying and selling sex in Cao Bang

Criminal police of Cao Bang province police checked H.P hotel. In Cao Bang City, two male and female couples were found to be engaged in sex trafficking.

Subjects, including: N.H.N.; P.V.C.; H.T.H.; N.V.T. These people buy and sell sex through the brokers of V.T.H.

The investigation process determined, on February 11, 2022, C. and T. used the phone to call V.T.H. to find prostitutes; H. agrees then contacts N.H.N. and H.T.H. to sell sex to C. and T. with the amount of 600,000 VND/person/time of sex purchase.

V.T.H. will be collected from H.T.H. and N.H.N. 100,000 brokerage fee each. V.T.H. brokered a number of prostitutes in Cao Bang City.

The police agency is continuing to investigate and clarify, private investigation service in Vietnam https://vietpi.com