5 people arrested for attacking fisherman

Information from the investigative police agency of An Minh district, Kien Giang province, Vietnam.

The district police have just issued a decision to arrest 5 people on charges of intentionally causing injury.

Five subjects were arrested and investigated, including: Pham Duc Gul, Tran Cao Ky, Banh Van Bi, Nguyen Minh Duong and Nguyen Bao Van.

The investigation showed that the ship owned by Mr. Vo Phi Hung as the captain was anchored in the waters of Van Khanh commune, about 3.5 km from the mainland.

Peng Van Bi controlled the motorboat to quarrel and a conflict occurred.

Bi called Gul, along with Ky, Van, Duong and some other subjects on 2 boats.

This group carried more than 10 glass bottles with gasoline inside.

The group used many homemade petrol bombs, lit them on fire and threw them over Trung’s ship.

Vo Van Trung, a fisherman on board, suffered severe burns, an injury rate of 57%, the incident was investigated and clarified – https://vietpi.com