Hanoi detective service - PI Vietnam provides reputable private detective services in Hanoi. Contact us via hotline/whatsApp/zalo/telegram: (+84)969651115 - Email: piinvietnam@gmail.com


PI Vietnam Co., Ltd. has been operating and providing services since 2010, providing services to individual and corporate customers. We have a standing team of 75 experienced and knowledgeable private detectives in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces.

Hanoi detective agency – PI Vietnam provides detective services in: Detective in Hanoi city, Ho Chi Minh city, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh, Lam Dong, Da Lat, Binh Duong, Ba Ria, Vung Tau, Mui Ne Phan Thiet, Long An, Hai Phong , Hue city, Da Nang, Hoi An, Quang Nam, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang, Can Tho, An Giang, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Thai Nguyen… and other cities in Vietnam.

Hanoi private detective service helps you solve problems quickly. Service is committed to work efficiency and fast implementation. Service fees are reasonable for all customers. Hanoi detective agency – We sign NDA with Client for information security (if required).



PI Vietnam provides effective detective services in Hanoi and all cities in Vietnam. Detective team appreciates the opportunity to cooperate with customers. Try to solve tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are committed to providing reliable service to both individual and corporate customers in Hanoi. Note that we always comply with the provisions of Vietnamese law.


  • Monitoring service in Hanoi Vietnam: PI Vietnam provides surveillance services for spouses and fiancés. Check activities and relationships (check for infidelity).
  • A person tracking service in Hanoi: Do the job of recording their activities. Including: Where to go, what to do, who to meet? All incident information will be recorded by images and videos (audio).
  • Identity verification and investigation services, including: occupation, marital status and family background, relationships.
  • The service of taking pictures or videos of a person, a place, a warehouse, a product or something on request.
  • Surveillance services (Hanoi monitoring services), evidence search services, witnesses to initiate lawsuits.
  • Service to find fugitives and scammers, online scams.
  • Service to find lost relatives, find long-lost Vietnamese parents, service to find lost hometown.
  • Perform other tasks as required in Hanoi, Vietnam & other cities.
  • Business appraisal services (legal status, shareholders, shares, headquarters, warehouse, financial statements…)
  • Site visit services, warehouse visits, company visits or a specific location.
  • Service of changing customers to work with partners.
  • Internal investigation service: Investigate acts, product theft lines, acts of infringing upon corporate interests.
  • One-person activity monitoring service, monitoring the activities of an organization. Service of tracing piracy, intellectual property. Find evidence of fake goods, counterfeit goods in Vietnam.
  • Verification services: legal verification, financial verification and personnel verification.
  • Full package of investigation, search of evidence and witnesses for legal activities in Vietnam.
  • Private investigative service in Hanoi, Vietnam. Investigation services according to specific requirements of customers.

PI Vietnam provides detective services based on the criteria of work efficiency, prompt execution, and reasonable prices. The team of private detectives is Vietnamese, experienced, passionate about their job, and dedicated to their work.

Hanoi private detective service – Privacy policy is the most important factor, keeping all information related to customers and events confidential. Information is provided to the Customer only and is destroyed immediately. Detective Hanoi, is committed to being a special detective service, based on a team of 100% Vietnamese staff.

We are a team of Vietnamese people, knowledgeable about the locality, people, lifestyle, culture and have good relationship with local government and social relations. This is a strength that foreign investigative firms cannot have. Service is based on honesty, focus on work and absolute confidentiality. Detective service in Hanoi, ready to work 24/7.

Customers use detective services at PI Vietnam, that is, you are directly supported by Vietnamese people, PI Vietnam is a company established in Vietnam. With the advantage of being a native speaker, we understand the culture, lifestyle and terrain. When you need to solve your problem, do not hesitate to contact us for professional detective advice and services.

PI Vietnam has been providing services for the past 15 years across provinces and cities in Vietnam. Detectives do the job all day, including holidays. Upon receiving a request for investigation, monitoring and information search services, private detectives will act immediately. Offers special investigative services ranging from tracking, background investigations, marriage investigations, criminal background investigations, relationship and information problems and information seeking upon request.

We have the strength to solve business cases: resolve internal conflicts, find ways to prove theft at the factory (especially at the factory: clothes, shoes, electronics …), goods Counterfeit goods, services that infringe on intellectual property. Providing services of finding fake partners in transactions, buying and selling of goods, services of checking legal status, performing inventory services, inspecting goods, products, background check services for employees. members and managers.


  • Providing investigation services, providing information and evidence for civil proceedings, including protection of intellectual property rights, copyright, technology ownership and technology transfer.
  • Information investigation service: Service to check the legal status of a business, including information about the board of directors. Board information, business registration license, shareholder information, capital, assets, real estate…
  • Check personal information suspected to be working at the company or leaving.
  • We provide information about property, including property, real estate, individuals and companies associated with that property.
  • Provide information on financial capacity, home ownership, land ownership, business…
  • Private detective services in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi & other cities in Vietnam: On behalf of clients, check information about factories, warehouses, factories, products of companies in Vietnam.
  • On behalf of the Customer, inspect the goods, production capacity and responsiveness of the supplier.
  • Services to investigate company theft, find people who leak company information, steal information, receive black money from partners and other requests of corporate customers.
  • Search and provide information about counterfeit goods, poor quality goods, unfair competitors in Vietnam.
  • Investigate and search for debtors who are absconding or fraudulent in sales.
  • Hanoi detective service tracks suspected individuals and other requests of the Client.

Detective services

Private detective agency and investigation service company in Vietnam follows, searches for information, finds evidence, verifies personal relationships, personal activities and resolves corporate problems.


Investigation services

Investigation service for businesses, focusing on internal cases at the company / factory. Conflict resolution services, product theft, corporate disclosure and issues related to former corporate employees.


Due diligence services

Due diligence services: legal appraisal, tax & financial appraisal, commercial appraisal, business appraisal service, business information, providing professional legal information for businesses.


Detective agency in Hanoi Vietnam – We provide services in: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh… the private detective company PI Vietnam has experience in operating and providing services investigative services, detective services (for both businesses & individuals) and enterprise verification services since 2010.

PI Vietnam is a group of individuals with excellent professional qualifications, Vietnamese and having good relationship with local authorities, social relationships as well as knowledge about culture and lifestyle.

  • Equal Opportunity Policy: We provide detective services, verification services based on equality and trust between our customers and us. The obligation to perform the job is agreed upon by the two parties.
  • Our core values are integrated for integrity, professionalism, respect for others, and continual improvement. PI Vietnam is ready to provide inspection and investigation services in all situations in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam.
  • Confidentiality and decision-making: We are committed to keeping the information we have access to confidentiality when providing detective services, information search services in accordance with applicable laws in Vietnam and agreements with Customers. This information includes, but is not limited to, products and business matters, confidential personnel information as well as other customer-related information.
  • We have the advantage of being a local person working directly and legally operating in Vietnam. Do not have to re-hire services like companies that do not operate in Vietnam.
  • Fast implementation: As a Vietnamese, We can quickly solve most of our customers’ requests, our private detective team is ready to work anywhere when required. Committed to providing effective service to Customers.

Hanoi Detective, committed to security services - fast - reasonable prices. Help customers solve problems in the most effective way. We deal with cases of finding information and evidence, and dealing with cases for individuals and organizations. Detective is committed to providing efficient service and information security.

Detective services in Ho Chi Minh City are built on scientific working methods, dedicated detectives and absolute confidentiality of information.


Hanoi detective agency – PI Vietnam provides professional investigation services based on people: Investigation services are supported to the maximum by a solid management team, an experienced investigation and analysis team.

Our investigators and analysts are trained with specialized, state-of-the-art equipment. Hanoi detectives service agency, we invest in our human resources to provide the most efficient service to meet our customers’ requirements.

We confidently solve difficult jobs that require expertise and experience in doing and implementing jobs. Detective services company in Hanoi Vietnam, private detective services in Ha Noi commits to serve: efficiency – competitive price – fast.

We provide services: Adultery information search service, information search of phone number, home address, agency, company that is working, searching for business information, checking counterfeit goods, competitor information, resolving internal corporate conflicts…

Staff with high-tech equipment, ensuring clear and convincing evidence, we commit to reasonable costs. We only recruit people with more than 5 years’ experience with good expertise, love the investigation work, ready to do the work at the request of the Clients.

Contact Detectives in Hanoi Vietnam – Hotline/WhatsApp/Zalo/Telegram: (+84)969651115

PI Vietnam provides private detective services, special private investigation services in Hanoi. The team are seasoned investigators who have handled hundreds of cases. With the advantage of being Vietnamese, we are easy to understand and solve the problem in a particularly efficient way. Detective services in Hanoi, for organizations and individuals are always available!

Prosecuting three people for trading 3kg of meth

Newsletter of private investigation service company in Dien Bien, Vietnam. Dien Bien Provincial Police arrested 3 people for illegally buying and selling drugs. In this case, the confiscated evidence was nearly 3kg of meth. Dien Bien Provincial Police informed that the police temporarily detained: Luong Van Quy, Lo Van Hai, Lo Van Long. These three

Pretending to be a police officer to rob in Hanoi

Serious robbery case in Hanoi, detective service agency and private investigation services in Hanoi. Nguyen Van Thuc and Nguyen Van Chi pretended to be police officers. These two people used handcuffs number 8 and electric batons to rob a motorbike and 2 phones. Tay Ho district police, Hanoi city arrested 5 subjects to investigate law