Scam to appropriate 2 billion VND in Da Nang

Le Xuan Dien received more than 2 billion VND from five people, to send their relatives to school, run jobs, but appropriated the money without fulfilling the commitment.

Dien, 50 years old, from Quang Binh, was sentenced to 15 years in prison by the People’s Court of Da Nang City for fraud and appropriation of property, according to article 174 of the Penal Code in Vietnam.

Formerly a professional soldier. He often boasted of his ability to send soldiers who are performing military service to school and turn into professional soldiers.

Or take people to study and work at Da Nang international airport.

Five people gave Mr. Dien more than 2 billion VND for help with his work.

The money appropriated, Mr. Dien spent personal and debt repayment.

In June 2020, the police agency investigated and arrested Dien in early May 2021.

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