Young man throwing beer bottles at passersby

Authorities in Hanoi said that a 14-year-old boy named Ha Anh Quan was investigated for driving a motorbike to repeatedly throw beer bottles at passersby in Mo Lao, Ha Dong, Hanoi. . Quan is being held by the Ha Dong District Police, Hanoi, to consolidate records to handle the act

Posting information defaming the gold shop

The incident happened in Dong Nai, Vietnam, the 64-year-old man recorded a video with the staging information “swapping real gold into fake gold”. After that, he posted false information on social networks, the police investigated and determined this was false information. Pham Hue Thong, who made false videos, was fined

Arrest the custodian of the wholesale market

Information from the authorities in Bac Giang, Vietnam – the investigative police agency of Bac Giang Provincial Police, is arresting Nguyen Van Nhan in custody for the crime of “extorting property”. This person was identified as the leader of a group of people operating in the form of protection and

Prosecuting the woman who beat the police

Information from the police of Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam, the police investigation agency has just issued a decision to prosecute the case and prosecute the accused against Dam Thi Mai. This person is also banned from leaving the place of residence to investigate the act of “Against the public official”.

Using a sensitive clip to blackmail the girl

Information from the authorities, the police agency of Duy Xuyen district, has issued a temporary detention order for Dang Van Them about the act of “taking property”. According to the initial investigation, in 2021, Ms. M became acquainted with a person with an account named “Nguyen Ngoc Hung” via FB,

Many mistakes at the bar in Dong Nai

LV Club is the biggest bar in Long Thanh district, Dong Nai, Vietnam. Unexpectedly checking this bar, the police discovered that many people were gathering, quickly checked, 52 people were positive for drugs. LV Club bar located in Phuoc Hai area, Long Thanh town, Dong Nai province was inspected by

Dozens of durian roots destroyed in Dak Lak

Information from a leader of the People’s Committee of Cu Klong commune, Krong Nang district, Dak Lak, Vietnam said: In the area, a case of destruction of durian and pepper trees has occurred, the commune police have investigated. Mr. Vu Van Tuan is a vandalized garden. After more than a

More than 100 people use drugs at the bar

Police suddenly check a bar called Tik Tok. Police discovered more than 100 people are high on drugs, shouting, dancing to the music. Police in Ca Mau City, Vietnam suddenly checked the Tik Tok bar. Police seized a number of plastic bags of drugs, many ecstasy pills were thrown on

Man arrested for sexually abusing little girl

Investigative information from Lap Thach district police agency, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam. This agency has just issued a decision on criminal detention for Bang Van Tuan to investigate sexual abuse of an 11-year-old girl. Private detective service in Hanoi – Lap Thach district police, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam, received information from Mr.

The group of young people rob moon cakes

Information from the police agency of Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong, Vietnam. This agency has issued a decision to arrest Nguyen Thanh Nhan; Nguyen Duc Tri Dung and Mai Hoang Phuoc. The group was arrested for the act of Robbery. According to police investigation, these three young men and

Fighting after traffic collision in HCM city

Information from the authorities in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam – After the incident of collision while participating in traffic in Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Investigative service in Vietnam – Two groups of young people fight, causing disorder and injury. On the evening of July 31,

Muong Lat district police deputy chief arrested

Information from the police investigation agency of Thanh Hoa, Vietnam, Lieutenant Colonel Ho Van Tho, who holds the position of deputy chief of the Muong Lat district police, Thanh Hoa, Vietnam. This person was prosecuted and detained by the investigating agency of the Supreme People’s Procuracy to investigate the act

Swing into the house to steal property

Information from the police agency of Tan Phu Trung commune, Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City – This agency said that it had received Mr. C’s report about being broken into by crooks to steal property. The homeowner said the main door was open and there was a piece

Investigate many girls come to China illegally

Information from the police agency of Ninh Thuan province, Vietnam – This agency has investigated, prosecuted the case and prosecuted the accused against Lam Van Binh on the crime of organizing others to flee abroad. Private detective in Vietnam – The police are focusing on investigating a ring that brings

Police arrest 2 people attacking people’s houses

Information from the Tan Phu district police agency, Ho Chi Minh City, functional forces were patrolling the area when they discovered and caught two people named Phu and Tri with the act of throwing fish sauce into people’s houses to collect debts. Detective in Ho Chi Minh City – The