Dak Nong: 7 people were prosecuted for loan sharking

The Gia Nghia police investigation agency, Vietnam, decided to prosecute the case and prosecute 7 suspects.

These people were detained for investigation into the act of lending at high interest rates in civil transactions.

Those under investigation include: Bui Sy Son, Le Ba Nam, Nguyen Ngoc Chuong, Bui Hai Duong, Le Ba Thang, Doan The Xuan Hieu and Nguyen Ngoc Phuong.

The police ordered the temporary detention of Bui Sy Son and Le Ba Nam.

According to the initial investigation, in April 2024, subjects from the North came to Gia Nghia city to rent a house to lend money in installments, with high interest rates.

This target group has set up Facebook pages with advertising links to solicit customers.

In less than 2 months, the subjects lent more than 100 people a total amount of more than 2.1 billion VND to gain illegal profits.

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