Youth stole dozens of iPhone 14 in Saigon

A young man named Nguyen Tan Nhat, 21 years old, took advantage of the dark night, he broke into a company in Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh City.

Taking advantage of the dark night, he took away 36 iPhones of all kinds and two macbooks.

Private Detective – The value of this property is estimated at 800 million VND.

Received a serious theft report, November 8, 2022.

Nhat was arrested by the Binh Thanh District Police and the Criminal Police Department of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department for the theft of property.

The entire property is a phone and a macbook, stolen, has been recovered, Vietnam detective.

A technology on Bui Dinh Tuy Street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City discovered that the warehouse was locked.

Checking the warehouse, lost 36 iPhones of all kinds: 14 Pro Max, iPhone 12, 11 and 2 macbooks worth up to nearly 800 million VND.

Extracting the company’s security camera, the police discovered a young man entering the warehouse.

After that, he gathered his phone and other possessions into 2 backpacks, the theft took place in 3 minutes.

Investigating the incident, the police discovered Japan at a motel in Go Vap district.

This person admitted to having tracked the technology company before, planning to steal the above assets.

The case continues to be investigated and clarified, private investigation service company in Vietnam