Young men make up stories of being kidnapped

According to information from the authorities, on May 3, 2021, the police office of Nghia Chanh ward, Quang Ngai informed that the unit has completed the investigation and verified the report of fake news about robbery. kidnapping, cross-border trafficking.

Vo Van Tai went to Nghia Chanh ward police to report that he was stopped by a group of strangers to beat his car and rob his property. When he regained consciousness, Tai found locked in a cargo truck with many other people.

Tai said: The group of strangers transported Tai to Dong Nai province and locked it into a warehouse. During their detention, Tai and many of the group tried to escape, but were captured and beaten and injured. A few days later, Tai tried to escape again and was successful, so he immediately returned to Quang Ngai to report to the police.

Receiving this serious case, the police of Nghia Chanh ward verified and investigated. Working with the police, Tai had to admit he had made up the story of being robbed of property and kidnapped.

Private investigation service in Vietnam 2021: