Verify 2 girls fighting in Hue City Vietnam

On the evening of April 12, 2021, on social networks spreading a video of two young girls fighting on the street, it was said that it took place in Hue city. In the recorded video, these two girls speak Hue, fighting very fiercely …

Detective in Hue – There are many teenagers standing around watching and cheering emotionlessly, no one interferes with the incident between these two girls. Witnessing the incident, many people filmed the clip, then spread it on social networks.

A leader of the Department of Education and Training of Thua Thien Hue province said that the Department has requested the units to urgently verify the above information. Identify that the 2 girls in the clip previously attended Bui Thi Xuan High School in Hue City, but now both have quit school and often go in groups to gather.

Authorities in Hue are investigating the case – Investigation in Vietnam: