Using sensitive clips to blackmail ex-girlfriend

Police of Bac Kan province, Vietnam have just investigated a case of a young man blackmailing his ex-lover.

The police have decided to prosecute a criminal case of spreading depraved cultural products; property confiscation.

The police prosecuted the defendant and ordered Nguyen Trinh Duy Anh to be temporarily detained.

According to the investigation, Duy Anh became acquainted and became friends via social networks with Q., the two talked often, and then developed feelings.

Duy Anh told Q. to record a video clip of self-stimulation and send it to Duy Anh to watch.

Q. sent Duy Anh about 3 to 4 video clips with sensitive content.

Duy Anh and Q. had a conflict and broke up. Duy Anh threatened Q. to make the video clips public.

Duy Anh took over the right to use the FB account created by Q..

He posted and shared 3 sensitive video clips of Q. to a group on social networks.

On October 5, 2023, Duy Anh requested N.Q. You have to transfer some money to remove posts and delete video clips.

The case was clarified by the investigation agency, private investigation service, private detective in Vietnam