Trung Land’s director in Binh Thuan was arrested

Information from the police agency of Binh Thuan province said that this agency went to the headquarters of Trung Land company in Phu Tai ward, Phan Thiet city, Vietnam and executed the arrest warrant of Trung, where the police collected keep relevant documents.

Investigating the case, at the beginning of 2019, Trung deposited 150 million VND to buy a land plot of perennial crops larger than 1,100 m2 in Ham My commune, Ham Thuan Nam district for nearly 1.7 billion VND. At that time, because there was not enough money to pay, Trung introduced a person in Phan Thiet to buy this land. The Ham Thuan Nam Branch Land Registration Office issued the certificate to the buyer.

Although not authorized by the owner of the land, Trung still made a plot to sell the ground, illegally build concrete roads, named the Phu My residential area project and then let the staff sell these plots. When signing contracts with customers, Trung’s companies all state the land use purpose as “rural residential land”.

Trung on behalf of the company signed a contract to illegally transfer land to many people, earning about 2.4 billion VND, he returned about 1.1 billion VND to the victims.

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