The robber was arrested by the gold store owner

The robbery of a gold shop in Tra Vinh city, Vietnam – Information from Vietnamese private detectives and private investigation services in Vietnam.

Tra Vinh Provincial Police are handling the subject Nguyen Van Tam, 48 years old, residing in Tra Vinh city.

This person is said to have signs of robbing a gold store in Tra Vinh, Vietnam detective agency.

According to the initial investigation, Tam went to Toan Huynh Chau gold shop in Tra Vinh City to sell gold.

During the transaction, Tam beat the store owner, Mr. Le Ba Toan, in an attempt to rob the store.

Mr. Toan immediately fought back and shouted, asking everyone for help. Tam ran away from the scene.

Mr. Toan and the people chased and captured Tam.

The case is being investigated, investigation service in Vietnam