The case of losing 100 gold trees in Ca Mau

According to a report from Mr. Le Kha Ly, the owner of a jewelry store in Ca Mau, Vietnam.

His family reported losing nearly 100 taels of gold worth about 3 billion dong. At the scene, the door had a crack, the camera recorded someone breaking into Mr. Ly’s house to steal.

The police of Ca Mau province in Vietnam said that they have received reports from the police at lower levels and are investigating and clarifying the case.

Mr. Ly, 47, reported to Thanh Tung Commune Police about being broken into his family’s gold shop.

The crooks took away 20 taels of 24k gold, 70-80 taels of 18k gold.

The police noticed that the iron door of the store had traces of being pry, the security camera recorded a man breaking in.

Due to a complicated case with a large amount of assets, the case was investigated by the provincial police.

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