Sentenced to prison for money exchange fraud

Information from authorities in Ha Tinh Vietnam – Two people, Dang Thi Hai Ha and Tran Ngoc Diep, were sentenced to 4 & 2 years in prison, for tricking into changing Vietnamese money into Japan, appropriating nearly 300 million VND.

Private detective in Vietnam, the People’s Court sentenced Ha, 26 years old, and Diep, 21 years old, to commit fraud to appropriate property, according to article 174 of the Penal Code in Vietnam.

Ha set up a virtual Facebook, advertising a money transfer service from Vietnam to Japan. Ha offers a very cheap fee to attract people in need.

Vietnamese detective – Ha asked Diep to provide a bank account to receive money from guests. After the victim transferred the money, Ha cut off contact.

With the above trick, Ha twice cheated, appropriating an amount of nearly 300 million dong.

In January 2022, upon entering Vietnam, Ha was arrested by the police for the above fraud, investigation service in Vietnam