Company director arrested in Binh Duong

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Nguyen Van Minh, Director of Phuc Anh Company, was accused of dividing other people’s land plots. He then defrauded and stole money from many people.

Minh, was detained by Binh Duong police for fraudulent appropriation of property.

This real estate company is headquartered in Hoa Phu ward, Thu Dau Mot city, specializing in selling land in the Binh Duong area.

According to the investigation by the authorities, in early 2021, Minh arbitrarily divided a large plot of land into 7 small plots, the land plots did not belong to Minh.

Minh offered to sell small plots of land to customers to collect illegal money.

Binh Duong police are expanding the investigation into the case.

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