Pretending to be a woman to steal at store

A man named Vuong Thai Binh, 44, and his accomplices, with long hair and makeup, pretended to be an office woman, entered a fashion store to steal property.

Phu Nhuan District Police temporarily seized and investigated the act of stealing property. The investigating agency is consolidating records to handle Binh’s accomplices.

According to the investigative agency, there was a continuous loss of property in many fashion stores in the area. Suspects are office “women”.

Ho Chi Minh detective – This group steals money, phones and valuable assets… security cameras record this group of people.

Phu Nhuan District Special Police cooperated with Tan Binh Police to catch 2 “women” stealing phones.

They admitted to the fashion shops to approach the cashier, if the store staff were negligent, Binh took the phone, iPad or sneaked open the cashier counter to get money.

The investigating agency determined that Binh committed many thefts with similar tricks at other stores in Ho Chi Minh City.

The case is being investigated extensively –