Posting information defaming the gold shop

The incident happened in Dong Nai, Vietnam, the 64-year-old man recorded a video with the staging information “swapping real gold into fake gold”.

After that, he posted false information on social networks, the police investigated and determined this was false information.

Pham Hue Thong, who made false videos, was fined VND 7.5 million by the Cyber ​​Security and High-tech Crime Prevention Department for reporting false information.

Verifying the incident, on August 28, 2022, Mr. Thong posted many videos on Facebook using Thong Pham’s account.

He said that Kim Hoang Ngoan gold shop in Long Khanh city “scammed customers, swapping real gold for fake gold”.

This information is said to be untrue, with many mixed comments, affecting the reputation of business establishments in Dong Nai.

Due to a conflict with the gold shop, Mr. Thong went to the gold shop to record a video with false content and post it on social media to discredit the store.

Mr. Thong admitted the violation and took down the videos himself and accepted to pay the fine, private detective and investigation service agency in Vietnam