Police surround hotel to arrest suspect of robbery

Information from the police agency in Ho Chi Minh City, on September 12, a man named Vu, 38 years old, and Tran Anh Tai, 53 years old, were issued a decision by the Criminal Police Department in coordination with the District 7 Police of Ho Chi Minh City. intends to arrest for the act of Robbery that these two people are believed to have committed before.

Nghia (28 years old) was sitting at the intersection of D6-D1 street in district 7, being controlled by two men with sharp scissors to rob property. The road was empty, Mr. Nghia did not dare to resist and shouted, so they took a motorbike to escape from the scene.

Investigating after the victim’s report, the scout discovered that Vu was driving on the road with suspicious expressions, the same identity as the suspect Mr. Nghia described. Vu was arrested and admitted to having robbed a car earlier in District 7.

Police surrounded the hotel on 6C street, Trung Son area, Binh Hung commune, Binh Chanh district, HCMC and arrested accomplices Tran Anh Tai. Quick test results, both Vu and Tai were positive for narcotics.

After stealing his car, Mr. Nghia returned to the hotel to use drugs. Vu changed the fake number plate to the car to take it out for consumption and was discovered.

Police are expanding investigation, suspect Vu and Tai have committed many other robberies in Ho Chi Minh City.

Investigative services in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh city detectives