Police arrest 2 people attacking people’s houses

Information from the Tan Phu district police agency, Ho Chi Minh City, functional forces were patrolling the area when they discovered and caught two people named Phu and Tri with the act of throwing fish sauce into people’s houses to collect debts.

Detective in Ho Chi Minh City – The police issued a decision to temporarily hold Huynh Quang Phu and Huynh Minh Tri to investigate the act of throwing fish sauce and threatening to collect debts.

These two people named Huynh Quang Phu, Huynh Minh Tri and said they were working as debt collectors of a bank.

Through working, Mr. C. said that Phu and Tri often called, texted, spread terrorist leaflets, threatened, and demanded that his son pay the bank’s debt – Ho Chi Minh detective 2022

According to Mr. C., his son has not lived with his family in the past time and he is not sure if his son has borrowed money from the bank.

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