Many mistakes at the bar in Dong Nai

LV Club is the biggest bar in Long Thanh district, Dong Nai, Vietnam.

Unexpectedly checking this bar, the police discovered that many people were gathering, quickly checked, 52 people were positive for drugs.

LV Club bar located in Phuoc Hai area, Long Thanh town, Dong Nai province was inspected by the authorities at dawn on September 18, 2022.

Many people ran away when they were checked by the police, but were caught by the police.

There are 3 people illegally possessing 4 packs of meth and many white and blue crystals; seizing 9 N20 gas cylinders; 27 shisa smoking bottles…

There are 52 people positive for drugs, including 5 employees and bar guards.

Many violations at this bar, such as: not installing diagrams, signs, signs on fire prevention and fighting on the exits…

The authorities at the same time clarified the signs of organizing and harboring illegal drug use.

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