Man attack against the anti-epidemic team sentenced

Information from Can Tho, Vietnam – The People’s Court of O Mon District sentenced Trung, 33 years old, to the crime of resisting public official and intentionally causing similarity, on September 13, the sentence was 4 years and 6 months.

Trung’s behavior was dangerous to society, the defendant repented and the victim asked for a reduction, so the jury imposed the above sentence.

Vietnam detective – On August 16, Trung’s wife went to the Covid-19 checkpoint in Binh Hoa B area, Phuoc Thoi ward, and asked to go out. This is being blocked, the reason for going out is not justified, so the task force at the checkpoint explained and asked Trung’s wife to return. This woman narrated the incident to Trung.

In the evening of the same day, after drinking, Trung brought a knife, hammer, and iron rod to the checkpoint, loudly cursed and asked to remove the latch so that he and his wife could walk freely.

Being dissuaded, Trung climbed over the blockade fence and chased down two injured street guards. The police of Phuoc Thoi ward controlled and arrested Trung soon after and investigated his behavior.

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