Lovers dealing drugs in Da Nang Vietnam

Information from the Drug Crime Investigation Police Department, Da Nang City Police, Vietnam – The unit has just discovered and caught Hoang Thi Bich Hop and Nguyen Duc Bay about the act of “illegal trading in illegal substances drug”.

Investigative services in Vietnam – Through investigation and monitoring, the police agency investigating drug crimes has found that a suspicious group has emerged that takes advantage of a deep alley, empty night, and no one to stop and trade. drug.

On September 17, implementing the previous plan, the scouts caught Seven red-handed delivering drugs on August Revolution Street. Expanding the investigation, Da Nang City Police continued to arrest Hop at his home.

Seven admitted to colluding with Hop to take drugs to sell for profit during the epidemic season. The seized exhibits include 6 packs of meth, 2 motorbikes, and 3 mobile phones.

Currently the case is being investigated and clarified by Da Nang Police – Vietnam detective 2021.