FB account recovery scam cost 1.1 billion

Information from Hanoi said that the Hanoi court sentenced the defendant Can, 23 years old, on the crime of fraud to appropriate property.

Living in Da Nang, taking on jobs such as increasing interaction, securing Facebook, reopening locked accounts… Looking for customers, then transferring the work to others to enjoy the difference .

From January 29 to May 1, 2019, Ms. A transferred money to Can three times, totaling 2.9 million VND to ask to get back her lost Facebook account, but it has not been received yet.

Using the excuse that the account is difficult to get back because it was taken by hackers outside of Hanoi, so more money is needed. Ms. A transferred to the apartment from January 1, 2019 to August 31, 2019 with an amount of more than 1.1 billion VND.

The defendant admitted to the conduct as prosecuted, and admitted that he was not able to recover the lost social network accounts, but through a third person.

Defendant testified that he had no accomplices. The appropriated money was spent personally and opened a savings book of VND 400 million.

Ms. A was not present at the court hearing, but made an application to confirm that her family had compensated for all damages. She asked for a waiver of criminal prosecution for the accused.

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