Chasing 2 young men who snatched a gold necklace

Newsletter of private detectives and private investigation agencies in Vietnam. Duc Hue district police are temporarily detaining Do Van Phi and Dang Chi Thanh to investigate property robbery.

According to the investigation, around 4:15 p.m. on March 12, Mr. N.H.P. drives a motorbike on DT839 road.

When he arrived at An Hoa hamlet, Binh Hoa Bac commune, Mr. P. was approached by two young men driving a motorbike who snatched a gold chain worth more than 1 tael and ran away.

Receiving the victim’s report, Binh Hoa Nam Commune Police set up blocking points and organized the pursuit of two gold chain robbers.

The working group controlled the person in the back seat, Phi, after giving chase.

The remaining person drove a motorbike and fled toward Ben Luc district. Long An.

The working group controlled the remaining person and recovered evidence of the case. At the investigation agency, he gave his name as Dang Chi Thanh.

Authorities are continuing to investigate