Bought 2 goats and took them without paying

Information from the police agency of Bac Kan province, Vietnam about the case of buying 2 goats but not paying.

Ngan Son district police decided to prosecute the defendant and temporarily detained Nong Van Ha for fraudulent appropriation of property.

In August 2023, B advertised goats for sale on his personal Facebook, Ha contacted Mr. B.

The two people agreed to buy 2 goats weighing 54kg, for more than 6.2 million VND.

Ha asked someone to meet Mr. B. to get 2 goats and give Mr. B. 500,000 VND.

Ha will pay the remaining amount to Mr. B via bank transfer.

Ha sold those two goats to the man who went to meet Mr. B for 6.1 million VND.

Ha blocked all contact with Mr. B and did not pay the remaining amount.

The case was reported to the authorities, and Ha admitted the crime.

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