Attacking creditors when being asked for debt

Information from the investigative service agency in Ha Tinh, Vietnam. Vietnam investigation agency & detective services agency.

Tinh, 45 years old, residing in Cam Due commune, was prosecuted and arrested for intentionally causing injury, according to article 134 of the Penal Code in Vietnam.

According to the investigation, in 2021, Tinh borrowed 35 million VND from Mr. Dau Van Tuyen, 23 years old, residing in Cam Due commune, Cam Xuyen district.

Tinh pays a few million dong a month, promising to pay it off in 2022, but has not yet paid the full amount of the debt.

Declaring an appointment to talk about debt, Tinh Cam stretched 15 cm to a billiards bar in Phuong Tru village.

Tinh said he still owes 2 million dong, Tuyen asked to pay before the Lunar New Year.

Tuyen said that the debt was 3 million dong, not 2 million dong as Tinh said.

The two sides clashed, Tinh took scissors to stab Mr. Tuyen, damaging 57% of his health.

Tinh left the scene and reported to the police later, the case continued to be investigated.

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