Arresting high-interest lenders in Thanh Hoa

The police of Nhu Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam informed that the unit has just cleared the case and eradicated the crime of complicated black credit activities in Hai Long commune, Nhu Thanh district, born in the year of Le Thi Sau. 1970 mastered.

Police investigation agency Nhu Thanh district police said, Le Thi Sau object specialized in heavy interest loans; dealing with people in need of a loan. Sau often directly use the social network Zalo or Facebook to manage the loan transaction and debt collection of these people.

The detective service company in Vietnam – This object asked the debtor to write a loan note, not write interest but agreement, the interest collection is not shown in paper but on the message.

Sau lent money to many individuals in the communes and towns of Nhu Thanh Thanh Hoa district, Vietnam and illegally earned large profits.

Currently the case is being investigated and clarified, who is involved in the case, invited to contact the authorities – detective in Vietnam.