Arresting a man with a gun to collect a debt

Information about private investigative services in Vietnam – Go Dau district police, Tay Ninh province have issued a decision on criminal detention of Le Thanh Thuong to investigate the act of intentionally causing injury.

Thuong brought an airgun with 11 rounds to the house of Mr. L.T.L. claim the amount of 2.2 million.

Thuong was angry because he demanded money but the borrower did not answer.

Thuong took a gun and shot L. in the shoulder, the victim got up and ran and called for help

The spear continued to hit the 25-year-old man in the waist.

Seeing L.’s family run out, Thuong took the gun and ran away from the scene.

Go Dau district police arrested Thuong, seized the air gun and 99 bullets.

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