Arrest a group of people selling motorbike scams

Fraudulent case of selling cheap motorbikes occurred in Quang Nam, Vietnam.

Vietnamese private detective and private investigators.

The group, led by a young man named Tran Van Tuan, sells cheap motorbikes via social networks.

This group then tricked the buyer into transferring money to the ABBank account named “VO QUANH VAN”, number 029.101.965.0042.

Tuan, along with Tran Quang Truong, Ho Van Tu, Tran Phuc Quoc and Le Van Nghia, aged 22 to 28, were prosecuted for the crime of fraudulent appropriation of property.

According to the investigation, in mid-2022 this group advertised with articles selling expensive motorbikes at cheap prices.

Commitment to door-to-door delivery.

This group of people requested to transfer application fees, license plates, shipping fees…

After receiving the money, they blocked contact with the buyers.

The bank accounts and phones used in the money scams are not genuine.

According to the investigation, the defendants defrauded hundreds of people in many provinces and cities.

The amount appropriated was more than 10 billion VND.

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