6 couples buying and selling sex at Karaoke room

Information from the authorities, on the morning of July 8, 2021, the Police of Quang Binh province in Vietnam informed that the Police Team to investigate crimes on social order under the Bo Trach district police coordinated with the Public Security Thanh Trach commune, discovered and caught a group of men and women doing sex work in a karaoke bar.

During the sudden inspection of Sao Bien karaoke bar, in Thanh Trach commune, the police discovered that there were 6 couples in the karaoke room of this establishment carrying out the act of buying and selling sex. vi is prohibited in Vietnam.

Bo Trach district police have arrested N.T.D., the owner of the karaoke bar to investigate the act of containing prostitution and related subjects. The case is being continued by the police to investigate, file and handle in accordance with law.

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