2 groups of gangsters fighting in Can Tho Vietnam

Authorities in Can Tho Vietnam said the incident that two gangs of gangsters were fighting seriously in Can Tho. The reason is believed to be a gambling conflict, a man named Nguyen Thanh Binh, 42 years old, who led a group of people from Ho Chi Minh City to a coffee shop in Can Tho to attack a gang of gangsters here.

Accordingly, Binh and his juniors ride a 16-seater car, this car with the number plate of Ho Chi Minh City, to the coffee shop on Tran Van Kheo street, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho, on the evening of March 3, 2021. This Gypsy group carried weapons to attack Dang Quang Minh and many of his juniors.

Le Quang Dinh was cut in the head and his hand fired two shots to attack the other group. Upon receiving the news, Can Tho police mobilized a lot of people to come to the scene. At the scene, 14 people were restrained, taken to headquarters to take testimony, and 7 more people were arrested afterwards.

The incident is continuing to investigate and clarify – private investigation service in Ho Chi Minh City – https://vietpi.com