Young men steal branded goods in Saigon

Phan Van Chien, 32 years old, went into Tiffany & Co and Hermes stores in a shopping center in Ho Chi Minh City.

He stole jewelry, wallets… these assets were worth more than 3 billion VND.

Chien was detained by District 1 Police, Ho Chi Minh City on charges of property theft.

The defendant admitted to theft. He stole luxury goods for his own use and sold them for spending money.

According to the investigation, on the evening of January 21, Chien went to the Tiffany & Co store on Dong Khoi Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, asking to buy a lot of expensive jewelry.

Ho Chi Minh detective, He was invited by the staff to the VIP area and introduced branded jewelry boxes.

Waiting for the female employee to be careless, he immediately put 3 bracelets studded with gems into a paper bag and left afterward.

Chien continued to return to the shopping center and went to the Hermes store. He said the staff showed him expensive wallets and purses.

Chien stole 3 wallets, put them in his bag, then left.

District 1 Police, Ho Chi Minh City extracted security cameras and investigated the incident.

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