Using a sensitive clip to blackmail the girl

Information from the authorities, the police agency of Duy Xuyen district, has issued a temporary detention order for Dang Van Them about the act of “taking property”.

According to the initial investigation, in 2021, Ms. M became acquainted with a person with an account named “Nguyen Ngoc Hung” via FB, who sent her sensitive clip to him.

Hanoi detective – M was threatened by an object using this sensitive clip and blackmailed through Zalo and FB accounts.

Handling this case, the police arrested Tran Dinh Trung who received a sensitive clip of M from the account “Nguyen Ngoc Hung” and used this clip to extort money.

Expanding the investigation of the case, the police identified Dang Van Them as the owner of the Facebook account “Nguyen Ngoc Hung”.

This person shared the above sensitive clip for Trung and agreed to use this clip to blackmail the victim.

The police issued an emergency detention decision for Dang Ngoc Them.

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