Prosecution of 2 people in Vinh Long Vietnam

Information from the investigating police agency, Vinh Long city police, Vinh Long province, Vietnam.

Authorities have just prosecuted the case, prosecuted the accused and ordered Phat and Phuong to be detained for 3 months to investigate drug possession.

According to the investigation, the police checked Beer Club N68 on Nguyen Van Thiet Street, Ward 3, Vinh Long City, Vietnam.

There were over 100 people staying at Beer Club N68 when the inspection team arrived.

There have been 56 people positive for drugs.

Phuong illegally possessed narcotics, discovered a package of drugs weighing more than 0.4g.

Expanded investigation, police continued to arrest Phat, seized drugs weighing more than 3.2g.

The case is investigated and clarified, private investigation in Vietnam