Police rounded up dozens of illegal gold miners

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Dak Lak Provincial Police are coordinating with M’Drak District Police to investigate and handle a group of subjects who are illegally mining gold in the locality.

According to initial investigation information, the police determined that there was a group of people gathering, setting up tents, to illegally mine gold.

The police investigated, raided, and entered the above area, catching 11 subjects red-handed who were mining gold in contravention of Vietnamese law.

Police confiscated 1 scooping machine, 1 screening machine, 2 water pumps, 1.5 kg of mercury, manual gold pan, stone welding machine, electronic scaleā€¦

During the inspection, the subjects could not present the mineral exploitation license issued by the competent authority.

There are 7 people from Nam Dinh province, 1 from Nghe An and the rest reside in Dak Lak province, Vietnam.

Authorities seized all evidence of the case and expanded and clarified the case.

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