Organized border crossing to collect illegal money

According to investigative information from the authorities, on July 14, 2021, the Po Hen Border Guard Station, informed that it had made a decision to prosecute the case for the crime of organizing others to leave the country illegally.

The incident was discovered at 0:30 on June 22, 2021, the patrol team of Po Hen border station discovered two people: Tran Thi Tham and Le Hai Duong who had illegal entry from China to Vietnam in the area. border area in Than Phun village, Hai Son commune, Mong Cai city.

Based on the testimony of Tham and Duong, the authorities determined that Linh and Luan lived in Bac Son commune, Mong Cai city in connection with this illegal entry.

On July 8, the Po Hen border station invited Linh and Luan to work. Both confessed to be the ones who directly picked up the two women from Hai Yen gas station, Mong Cai city to the border, in Luc Phu village, Bac Son commune, to illegally exit China on June 21 with money. The public is 5 million VND each, the case is still being investigated and clarified.

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