More than 100 people use drugs at the bar

Police suddenly check a bar called Tik Tok. Police discovered more than 100 people are high on drugs, shouting, dancing to the music.

Police in Ca Mau City, Vietnam suddenly checked the Tik Tok bar. Police seized a number of plastic bags of drugs, many ecstasy pills were thrown on the floor.

At the time of inspection, 153 guests were taken to the headquarters of the authorities to work.

There are 102 people who are customers present at the shop, who are positive for drugs and are being considered and handled.

The bar can accommodate hundreds of guests but only 2 fire extinguishers are almost expired.

Violations include: operating beyond the prescribed hours, excessive noise, allowing the illegal use of drugs, violations of fire prevention and fighting.

The case continues to be investigated and clarified, private investigation service in Vietnam