Man dies 3 days after being beaten

Police of Quang Ngai province, Vietnam relocated D.V.V. returned to the headquarters to continue investigating and clarifying the fight that led to the death that this person participated in 3 days before.

On October 11, D.V.V. and D.V.S. drinking together at a villager’s house. After drinking, V. and S. and some other people invited each other to play cards.

Private investigation service in Vietnam – While playing cards between V. and S., a conflict arose, so they went to the yard to fight.

S. was kicked in the stomach by V., was stopped by everyone, S. hugged his stomach and went home.

On the morning of October 13, S. was in pain, so his family took him to the emergency room, but he did not survive.

Initial information, liver and intestines of D.V.S. severely damaged but not treated promptly, leading to necrosis and death.

The case continues to be investigated and clarified