Investigating the cause of the death of 6 cows

News of private investigation service in Vietnam, case of 6 cows dying abnormally.

Authorities in Ha Tinh are investigating the cause of the unusual death of 6 cows belonging to a household.

This herd of cows belongs to Mr. Nguyen Van Hung’s family residing in Can Loc district, Ha Tinh, Vietnam.

Mr. Hung raises a herd of 17 cows at the Ha Tinh rubber farm area, in Huong Thuy commune, Ha Tinh.

Mr. Hung returned home to celebrate Tet with his family. On February 11, Mr. Hung visited the cows and found no unusual signs.

On the morning of February 14, Mr. Hung discovered 6 unusually dead cows.

Local police were present to record and investigate the cause of the incident.

Newsletter of Vietnamese private investigation service company