Gangsters force fishermen to sell seafood at cheap prices

Khanh and Lanh, were arrested by the Police of Kien Giang province, Vietnam to investigate acts of disturbing public order.

These two people were accused of forcing fishermen to sell seafood at cheap prices. If they did not sell to them, they would face difficulties.

Vietnam investigation agency, police accused the two suspects of colluding with the group led by Pham Minh Quyet.

This group occupies the coastal waters from An Minh district to Kien Luong district, buying seafood at dirt cheap prices.

Determined to force fishermen to sell seafood to them at low prices, otherwise they would be threatened, drowned, and not allowed to catch seafood.

Traders entering this sea area to purchase were also prevented and chased away by this group of people.

Police arrested Quyet, Khanh, Lanh and three others, a private investigation agency in Vietnam.