Dak Lak: Forcing young men to open fire to resolve conflicts

Le Tuan Kiet, 20 years old, was detained by the police of Dak Lak province, Vietnam for 4 months for murder.

According to the investigation, at the end of 2023, Kiet’s lover had a conflict on social networks with Pham Van Tinh’s wife.

Defending his girlfriend, Kiet took his lover’s phone and texted him to make an appointment to clarify everything.

On the afternoon of December 19, 2024, the two sides met at a house in Thanh Nhat ward to resolve the conflict.

Kiet and Tinh rushed to fight after failing to resolve the conflict.

Tinh held a knife to slash Kiet but did not hit him. Kiet pulled out a Roller-type pistol and shot him 6 times, the victim suffered 24% disability.

Investigating for a long time, Kiet was arrested – private investigation service in Vietnam https://vietpi.com