Appropriation of property of unconscious person

Dinh Van Quang, 17 years old, saw two Hanoi guests drunk on cigarettes and took his phone and cash, Vietnam investigation service.

Ngu Hanh Son district police temporarily detained criminal Dinh Van Quang, residing in Son Tra district, Da Nang, to investigate property appropriation.

Quang and Hieu went to a coffee shop in Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang to smoke pipe tobacco.

The shop is closed but there are still hookahs outside for everyone to use.

At this time, two young men, from Hanoi, came to borrow cigarettes, Hanoi detective service agency.

Two people from Hanoi got drunk and lost control while smoking, one person fell to the ground afterward.

Quang searched his pockets and took a phone worth about 8 million VND and 700,000 VND from these two people.

Two young men in Hanoi, after waking up from tobacco intoxication, went to the police to report.

After investigating the case, police arrested these two people.

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