4 people assaulted the woman borrowing money

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A group of thugs beat and threatened a 45-year-old woman to demand interest, but were caught red-handed by the police.

Vietnam detective service agency – Police temporarily detained Nguyen Thanh Hong, from Hai Phong, and three juniors to investigate loan sharking.

Investigating the case, detectives caught four suspects red-handed with acts of beating, threatening, intimidating, and robbing money from a 45-year-old borrower in Bien Hoa, Vietnam.

The female victim residing in Trang Dai ward borrowed a large amount of money from this group of people, but has not yet paid the interest.

Police collected many documents related to black credit activities at this group’s residence.

Hong’s gang is one of the gangs that has been tracked for a long time.

The case continues to be investigated and clarified, investigation service in Vietnam https://vietpi.com